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NEW!!! Speed Coach GPS - Model 2 - with Training Pack and HR Belt

What do we do, too?

We measure your movement in the boat and your movement with the boat. We are looking for those magic and effective biomechanics that can really make you faster. We can help you to define your perfect rigging, gearing and catch angle that is changing during the season, according to your periodisation plan and current power and other capacities. We are helping you to find balance between your body condition and gearing ratio ( span, inboard, outboard, oar length and.......... Catch Angle ). We have all bunch of exercise that can help you to change your power curve in desired direction. And ........ we can proof it to you in real time 
because we measure everything.

With our bellow enter, to  your personal plan that we made just for you, you can upload your training data every day no matter is it from Nielsen Kellerman, Polar, Garmin, Sunto etc.. and, we together can follow your progress and make every next month plan better and on daily base we can follow are we go to desired direction. Buy your enter now and improve your accuracy of your planning. 

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