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    What is making difference between top level and average athletes? CATCH. So lets stay focus on that point. What is describing good catch? Appropriate catch angle, handle height at appropriate catch angle, and fast leg reaction in the catch. So HQ Catch can give you the clue about first two dimensions. For the leg force, power and speed, you have to ask your gym coach. 

What are the features for HQ Catch?

Appropriate length in the catch,
Easy to define catch angle,
Visible catch point during the night sessions, 
More safety during the night sessions,
Easy to define handle height in the catch,
Easy to mount,
Easy to transport

Table catch angle average

How to mount on the boat?

You set markers on the boat to check catch and release angles. All you need to know is the span(distance between pin and centre line of the boat) Then take the L value corresponding to the span and desired angle from the following tables. Put the mark on the center line of the boat at L cm from the pin projection. Stretch a rope between the mark and the center of the gate (approx. 4cm from the pin.

                                       BEFORE                                                                    AFTER

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RP3 in Asia - Less guessing, more facts, clear goals - more success

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Developed in 1988 by Cas Rekers, it has helped many elite rowers realise Olympic dreams.

In 2009 RP3 has been redesigned by Car Rekers and his team and the new born RowPerfect is called RP3. With a lot of new features that’s making the rowing on this simulator even more closer to the on water feeling.

Good rowing is a pleasure and provides immense satisfaction. On RP3, rowing becomes a pleasure too. Similar to a racing shell, RP3 is very sensitive to good coordination. Good technique is rewarded, poor technique becomes apparent, can be felt and – therefore – corrected in an early stage. Because RP3 gives you immediate feedback, it can be your coach.

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Non Invasive Lactate threshold method with BSX Insight

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Speed Coach GPS - Model 2 - with Training Pack and HR Belt

What do we do, too?

We measure your movement in the boat and your movement with the boat. We are looking for those magic and effective biomechanics that can really make you faster. We can help you to define your perfect rigging, gearing and catch angle that is changing during the season, according to your periodisation plan and current power and other capacities. We are helping you to find balance between your body condition and gearing ratio ( span, inboard, outboard, oar length and.......... Catch Angle ). We have all bunch of exercise that can help you to change your power curve in desired direction. And ........ we can proof it to you in real time 
because we measure everything.

With our bellow enter, to  your personal plan that we made just for you, you can upload your training data every day no matter is it from Nielsen Kellerman, Polar, Garmin, Sunto etc.. and, we together can follow your progress and make every next month plan better and on daily base we can follow are we go to desired direction. Buy your enter now and improve your accuracy of your planning. 

Zones in rowing